Putra intelek international college essay competition

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PIIC - Putra Intelek International College

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Putra Business School Fully Funded Scholarships for Malaysian Students, 2018

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See Photos. Mansur Ali Gps Helpar Aidfor Helpless Mankind. See Photos. Yuveneswary Manivannan. HELP University. putra intelek international college. See Photos.

Arvin Manguiat. Studied BS Marine Transportation at University. As part of our commitment to ensuring that graduates demonstrate professionalism, we aim to produce graduates who are equipped to enter the world of work and are enterprising or e. OLIVE TREE Edition 3. September- October How travel and tourism can contribute to One World® international essay contest.

is the fourth year ELS Educational Services and the United Nations Academic One World contest challenged college and university students around the.

International TechBuilder Summits - ITBS. 30 likes. Unprecedented stress on the city infrastructure and resources has led governments, businesses and. We are pleased to announce that the Centre for Language and Communication will be organizing ‘Drama Competition’ on Wednesday,15 August from 2 p.m.

- 6 p.m. at Multipurpose Hall, Putra Intelek International College. Come join us and witness the event that promises lots of beautiful plays by the hidden young talents of PIIC.

List of courses at Putra Intelek International College. Find tuition fees, intake dates and admissions process.

Putra intelek international college essay competition
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