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Sample College Admissions Essay University of Missouri-Columbia

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Essay topics must be submitted within 90 days of topic approval to qualify. The personal experience used in writing the essays must have occurred after high school or after the date a.

This college admissions essay resulted in an acceptance to the Honors program at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Prompt #1: Our honors college strives to recruit high-achieving students with broad intellectual curiosity as well as deep intellectual passion for specific pursuits and subjects.

Our Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship committee wants to know your plan to avoid the zombies, where you’d hide, and the top-five things you’d bring to stay alive. We're giving one successful survivor $2, towards his or her college education.

Direct Admission Eligibility Requirements. You are Directly Eligible for admission to the Honors College if you satisfy any one of the following three criteria: to us through specific examples from your high school career and what you imagine will be your academic life at Mizzou.

Essay #2— word essay in response to ONE of the .

Mizzou college essay example
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