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He was a very natures astronomer in his time. In fact, the Celsius scale is the most commonly used temperature scale in the world. This week, we have special cause to wonder about the history of this scale, because November 27 is the th anniversary of the birthday of the man who invented it. Anders Celsius was born in Sweden in The Celsius scale, invented by Swedish Astronomer Anders Celsius (), has degrees between the freezing point (0 C) and boiling point ( C) of pure water at sea level air pressure.

The term "Celsius" was adopted in by an international conference on weights and measures. Anders Celsius was born in Sweden in His parents didn't know that their son's work would one day make their family name an everyday word used by millions of people around the world.

Meet Professor Celsius The world Anders lived in was very different than the world we know. Essays & Papers Anders Celsius – Summary Essay Anders Celsius – Summary Essay Anders Celsius South Texas College Chem General Chemistry I For Dr.

Joe Studer Anders Celsius Although his name sounds like the conversant unit for temperature, he is also known for being a Swedish astronomer and a mathematician.

Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer who is known for inventing the Celsius temperature scale. Celsius also built the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory.

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