Dealing with college stress

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Dealing With College Stress

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Dealing with Stress in College

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Talks to help you manage stress

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According to a mental health study by the Associated Press and mtvU, eight in 10 college students say they have sometimes or frequently experienced stress in their daily lives over the past three months.

How To Manage & Deal With Stress In College

Many college students report dealing with varying levels of stress throughout college for a number of different reasons. Stress affects everyone differently and for different reasons, and people respond to stress in many different ways, but it doesn’t have to cripple you or prevent you from reaching your goals.

Find your outlet. Your outlet is that positive thing you do to combat those feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervous energy. This is especially good to have if you’re away at college where family and close friends may not be as accessible.

As college students, we deal with stress on an almost daily basis in the form of exams, assignments, and even people. These 8 things are what can always help me in these tough times, and I hope they can help someone else who is struggling out there.

Cara shares how she's been dealing with stress at college.

Dealing With Stress at University or College [Infographic]

Dealing with stress is one of the normalities we all go through with in life. A little of it can be good, but a lot of it is ineffably bad. Stress as we know it is a state of mental or emotional strain in results to very difficult circumstances.

Dealing with college stress
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