Colleges with speech pathology

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Speech Language Pathology

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Speech Therapy is a shrinking field in California. In there were 29, less speech therapy professionals working in California than there were in Thus, the field of speech therapy has shrunk by 76% in California.

This decline is faster than the change in the number of speech therapy professionals around the country. Which Schools Offer a Speech and Language Pathology Degree Online? When you look for an online degree program in speech and language pathology, keep in mind that many programs will generally need you to be physically present for some of your studies, often for the summer months.

Speech-Language Pathology Degree Programs and. Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences (SHS), College of Allied Health, Speech Pathology and Audiology, University of South Alabama.

Emerson College’s online master’s program in speech pathology prepares students to make an immediate impact in the lives of those facing speech, language, and swallowing challenges through evidence-based education, clinical training, and ongoing support.

A major in Speech-Language Pathology/pathologist is a popular major and can be found at many different colleges and universities, all of which are listed below.

Colleges with speech pathology
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